Choosing a university: International students

15.02.2019 г.

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Статья международного регионального менеджера York St John University Гранта Сейкера о том как иностранному студенту выбрать подходящий вуз. Практические советы поступающим: как подойти к выбору вуза, какие экзамены сдавать, какие нужны документы и другие важные моменты. Статья на английском языке, без перевода.

Choosing a degree and a university to gain it from are huge life decisions and ones which shouldn’t be rushed in to.  These decisions become even larger and more important if you are considering going to a different country!

‘My advice is to break down the decision process into four areas of focus.’

1. Understand who you are.

What are you interested in?  How do you learn best? In small groups or big lectures?  Classroom or practical work? Which assessment method(s) do you achieve better results from?  Exams, coursework, practical work, group work? Which parts of a subject appeal to you most? What knowledge do you need to have for your chosen career path?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can use them to find courses and universities aligned with your interests and strengths.

2. What qualifications do you need to have (entry requirements) and will you need to take an English qualification such as IELTS?

Most universities will have a section on their website which is country specific and therefore allows you to see if your current qualifications are sufficient to apply for the course or whether you might need to take an International Foundation Year first.  Also, if English is not your first language, you will need to take an English qualification such as IELTS to show that you will be able to learn in English.  This is a requirement of your Visa (should you need one.)

3. Visa – you may need to apply for a Visa to study in the UK.

This involves completing various forms and having finances available in a bank account. It can be a lengthy process if not completed accurately in the first instance.  Speak to someone from the university you are interested in or with a school counsellor or agent in your home country for support.

4. Moving to a new country!

This can be one of the most exciting and frightening things to do (in equal measure!)  This is a big decision and one which requires a lot of consideration and research. It is unlikely that you will be able to attend Open Days so you should really explore prospectuses and websites.  Look out for ‘virtual’ Open Days and Campus Tours and try to get a feel for the university.  Research the surrounding area; you will be living there for 3 years and want to enjoy your surroundings.  Do you want to be in a fast paced multi-cultural city? A small town? Do you want access to historical sites and places of interest?  Sports? Theatres? the sea? close to an airport? Again, know who you are and what makes you happy and try to ensure that you are in a location that appeals to you.

I know I have asked you a lot of questions in this blog but I promise it will be useful! University is certainly about growing as an individual and getting to understand yourself and your interests better, but you need to have started this process prior to attending university to make sure that you are making the best decision for you.  Good luck and enjoy the challenge!


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